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Nigeria’s Parliament Report on Oil Subsidy Fraud

Document Author: Farouk Lawan and Others The attached file is a useful resource for researchers who are interested in obtaining the details of the institutional failure that caused a poor nation like Nigeria to lose over N3trillion in about 2 years. Click link below to download: Nigeria’s Hon. Farouk Lawan’s...
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Data show Nigerians the most educated in the U.S.

Data show Nigerians the most educated in the U.S. BACHELOR’S AND BEYOND In America, Nigerians’ education pursuit is above rest – Whether driven by immigration or family, data show more earn degrees LESLIE CASIMIR, Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle Published 05:30 a.m., Tuesday, May 20, 2008 For Woodlands resident David Olowokere, one of Nigeria’s...
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Africa Poverty Stats

Statistics on Poverty in Africa CONTENT 1. Absolute numbers 2. Relative numbers 3. Alternative numbers 3. International vs national numbers 1. ABSOLUTE NUMBERS According to the World Bank poverty estimates, Africa hasn’t seen much progress in terms of the absolute numbers of poor people. Compared to China, for instance, the number of poor...
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