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How to succeed in mathematics, By Odion Taiwo Ezomo

By Odion Taiwo Ezomo Step 1: Hard work trumps natural talent. As it is in most other areas of life , the people who are most successful in mathematics are the one who work the hardest , not those with “natural talent’’ in school. Those who work hard get better grades...
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Harvard Executive Training

Highly recommended. NOTE: These trainings however have no affliation with NDi. They were only selected by NDi member who benefited from these trainings. Executive Education Home Programs  with Dates Executive Education Programs By Date Executive Education at Harvard Kennedy School offers programs for leaders from around the world. We bring together experienced professionals, a...
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Cambridge Advanced Leadership

Highly recommended leadership training. Note: This training provider has no affliation whatsoever with the NDi. The training is only being recommended because it was selected by a member of NDi who earlier benefited from the training. Start: This three week general management and leadership programme offers the opportunity for seasoned...
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